Black Bean Burgers

About a month ago, someone had donated 2 cans of beans to your favorite crafty DIY nerd, and it’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of beans. But in the spirit of not wasting food, I figured there had to be something creative I could do.

My first searches involved brownies, and even cookies, which is perfect for the organized kitchen warrior. Sadly though I lacked eggs, flour, even baking soda, completely drowning my hopes of turning yucky beans into something sweet and fun. I had all but given up for a day or two.

And then came a pin on the good old trusty Pinterest. A simple recipe for black bean burgers. Excitedly I ran off to the store to buy eggs, buns, bread crumbs AND a plastic pattie press! I charged up my kindle so I could follow the recipe in my kitchen and set off to work.

In my excitement I neglected to realize the recipe I was following fried the burgers in a pan, with oil, which this disorganized keeper of kitchens was lacking. :groan:

There had to be a way, and to my luck, I found a similar recipe where the patties were baked in the oven. BAZINGA!

A few notes on the pattie press. I obtained this one at the Dollar Tree, and found it extremely easy to use as long as you spray PAM or another type of cooking spray onto both sides. I will share though, the process got messy for me, and just about everything I touched while using the pattie press had to be wiped down afterward.

SUCCESS! I really am proud of how these babies turned out.

Wanna try your hand at em? The original recipe(s) are located here:


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