4th of July

‘MURICA! The 4th of July is coming soon, and I know all of my crafters and DIY princesses (and princes – let’s be equal here) are busy plotting their next soiree. In between being a vampire (nightshift at one of my many gigs in this world) I have been compiling a list of budget friendly, yet stylish DIY decorations for my lovelies. Most of these DIY’s can be done within a day, and use materials you can find around the house or at a budget retailer. I hope to see lots of pictures, (if I’m off that day I might even gatecrash!) so enjoy and get to craftin!


Decorative Twig Flag – initially a craft for the kiddies, I see much potential for this being an all year, patriotic keepsake. It’s a simple  DIY which can be constructed with a simple walk outside, and paint.

Flag Weaving – this one you won’t want to toss after the festivities. Plan ahead for this DIY as it requires some yarn work.

Patriotic Ribbon Windsock – excellent way to reuse left over ribbon and cloth. I’d actually make this and keep it year round for my patio.

Shabby Chic Ribbon Flag  – this is my fave DIY, and I plan to make one for year round display. Uses a twig, left over fabric, ribbons and a glue gun. Lots of possibilities here.


Vintage Printable Set (County Fair Style) – completely free, and wonderfully charming. Includes wall banners, table cards for ice, desserts and more, even Bottle wrappers for beers, pops or homemade brews.

Bandana Tablecloth – quick stitch together a red, white and blue tablecloth using bandanas.

Pineapple Sparkler Centerpieces – simply spray paint 3 pineapples (red, white and blue) and attach sparklers.

Favors / Gifts:

Lady Liberty Crowns – transform a basic headband into a festive ornament using floral tape, and faux flowers. There’s lots of room here for creativity and photo fun.

4th of July Ribbon Wands – the original DIY calls for wooden dowels and ribbon, however if a trip to the hardware store isn’t in the picture, you could easily modify this with twigs. Variations are possible here, and I would choose to tie the ribbons around the stick instead of using hardware.

Modern Printable Sparkler Holders – stylish design, and totally free. What 4th of July party isn’t complete without sparklers? These make an excellent and fashionable way to present sparklers to both adults and children.

Upcycled Confetti Poppers – I’m a sucker for DIY’s that use recycling. This one uses toilet paper rolls, balloons and confetti. Decorate with markers or decorative paper. Get to poppin!

Ribbon Headpiece – easy to make, and everything can be bought at your local Dollar Tree. Uses pipe cleaners, and ribbon.

Decorative Printable Matchbox Covers – cover up boring and plain matchboxes for a festive gift or party favor for guests. Just need paper and glue (plus matchboxes of course).

Light It Up Sparkler Covers – another free printable, this one in deep red with a whimsical font. Perfect for adult parties.


One thought on “‘MURICA! CRAFT YEAH!

  1. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    Great ideas … unfortunately not much good to us here down under … but hope you have a great 4th July😃😃🦉


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